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If you have a request for private label(OEM) or exclusive design (ODM), please kindly send us an instant inquiry or contact us at, we will get back to your shortly.

OEM process: 
1. Send us with your specified requsts for the product ( such as logo file/Color/Size/Way of packaging)
2. We will reply with our MOQ and prices.
3. Make an Agreement/Contract
4. Deposit payment for starting
5. Confirm sample before mass production
6. Mass production
7. Balance before shipping
8. Shipping and after-sales

ODM process: 
Contact us to Sign a NDA agreement.
1. Send us a specified request ( such as description, drawing, 3D file..if available)
2. We will reply with our MOQ and Mould cost and Unit Price..
3. Make an Agreement/Contract
4. Mould Cost (100%)
5. 3D prototype before tooling
6. Deposit (30%-50%  )for starting
7. Sample confirmation before mass production
8. Mass production
9. Balance(50-70%) before shipping
10. Shipping and after-sales